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wattson and cup
with Wattson home energy monitor

Allow us to introduce Wattson, the energy saving device you'll be happy to show-off in your home and prove that jaw-droppingly gorgeous design need not cost the earth - quite the opposite!


• Wattson gives you instant visual feedback of your electric energy consumption.
• Wattson can help you save up to 20% off your energy bill.
• Simple to install- requires no technical knowledge to set up and run.

DESIGN & DISPLAYwattson and laptop

The ground breaking design of the Wattson eco meter doesn’t just stop with its superb visual styling.

• The elegant display shows how much electricity you are using right now.
• As well as Watt mode, the base emits subtle coloured light changes. (Blue below average – red above average).
• Switch off the kitchen light- watch the screen and see your consumption decrease instantly.
• Tilt the unit and the screen changes to projected annual cost of electricity usage. (£, $, e)

THE MESSAGEwattson + clip

Wattson is friendly and its eco message is easily understood by adults and children alike.

• Don’t be surprised if your kids switch off all the lights in the house and ask for more pocket money - no more shouting up stairs to “turn that light off”.
• More seriously, the Wattson is a very important and relevant product in today’s wasteful world as it gives you the opportunity to empower your own green agenda and to reduce your household bills as well as your carbon footprint.

wattson + laptopANALYSIS

• Wattson can store and monitor energy-use history on your home computer with the ‘holmes software’ (Free download).
• Usage stats can be unloaded to the internet allowing you to become part of the Wattson green energy community.



installationSET UP

• You simply attach Wattson’s sensor clip to your mains electricity meter’s input cable.
• The sensor transmits your household electricity consumption to the Wattson display unit.
• The Wattson is the most versatile of electric energy monitors and is compatible with all generated supplies.


WHO ARE WE is a subsidiary of Lighting Sensations UK Ltd. - a company based in Cambridge UK, specialising in elegant and efficient lighting.

Below is an example of some of the products that Lighting Sensations supply: all of the below products will accept low energy lamps - with the NEW E27 dimmable low energy lamps available for many ot them. Call for Details.

  Baster Borg Multilink  

Low energy E27.23w. Natural white paper construction,1000mm diameter. Immense presence and depth.

Low energy E27.23w. Liquid silver, prepared to be stunned!


Low energy E27.23w Bands of steel and chrome.

  Shapely invert Springboard  

Low energy E27.23w. The name says it all!

Low energy E27.23w. Classic chic!

Spring Board

Low energy E27.23w Upwardly mobile!

  Diamond Meteor Celestrial  

Low energy E27.23w. Stunning visual piece, if colour is your thing, get buying. Poly construction.

Low energy E14.13w. Blown glass. The facets make light dance and add texture to any wall surface.


Low energy E27.23w. Glass to be played with!

  Cydia Stick Observer transitions  
  Cydia Stick

Low energy T8 70 Watt. The most energy efficient floor lamp you are likely to see for years. Banging output! Poly construction.


Low energy E27.23w. Truly unique. Magnified/multiplied. An Array of polycarbonate lenses which magnify, maximise and manipulate your visual!


E27 Low Energy. Solid chrome finish when off and translucent double glass inner when on.

  Agence Selection  

Agence Selection

Low energy E27.23w Streamlined style.



Wattson Gallery

wattson and kettle
wattson and piggy bank
wattson 4
wattson 9

Photo credit. Kiloran Howard

Wattson Home Energy Monitor supplied by Ecosensations of Cambridge.

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